"E-wing" table for professional studios

“E-wing” table for professional studios.
The “E-wing” table is manufactured using the latest CNC laser cutting technology.
Modular table providing sufficient space for a large amount of recording equipment .
On both sides of the top part of the table there is space for 19” rack mount equipment up to 7U.
The lower part of the table provides space in front for 19” equipment up to 13U, and in the back up to 12U.
A total of 32U on each side of the table, and 64U for the whole table.
Place for 2 LCD screens at top back part of the table or using 2 ergonomic LCD arms for adjusting screen position.
2 large surfaces are available on both sides of the table providing for all kind of monitor speakers.
Lower shelf to place a computer etc. All wooden components are agronomic and are of the highest quality.
Product is available in a variety of colors according to the RAL catalogue.

A video of assembly:

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